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Energetic constellation

session online/ presential

Duration: 1,5 hour aprox.

This is a method created by Barbara that brings together all the knowledge and principles on family constellations, biodecoding, the 5 biological laws, emotional work, channeling healing energy, and hypnosis.

It is used to visualize and put an order in latent patterns, beliefs and emotions that are stagnant in our energy field and manifest in the physical, emotional, and mental body and finally in life itself.

Through the process, any tension or energy blocked in the individual field or family memory is released, the nervous system is restarted allowing an energetic reorganization and harmonization in our physical, mental and emotional body. This brings mental clarity, peace in our life and the reconstruction of healthy bonds.

It is highly recommended especially when there is a symptom or sensation in the body that does not allow us to move forward or when we have limiting situations that we do not understand where they come from.

With this technique, we are able to understand the origin of our feelings of discomfort and dissatisfaction, both physical and mental. It is a journey to self-knowledge.

Price: 100 Euros

Therapeutic Tarot

Constellator tarot reading

Duration: 1,5 hour

The therapeutic tarot offers an energetic vision guided by signs and symbols on the cards. My approach to sharing the tarot is through intuitive interpretation and connection to universal messages.

During the session, we work with the principles of family constellations using the arcans of the cards as the representatives of the energy that needs to be seen to give greater understanding and visualization of the situation to be healed.

The tarot as a therapeutic tool can be further developed to shed light on our subconscious. In this way, it can also offer us the opportunity to explore issues related to personal work, interpersonal ties, career or life purpose and the blocks that bounds us from aligning with it, to provide new perspectives for transformation.

Price: 80 Euros

Session Program

“Connect with your soul”

4 weeks transformation program to heal and connect with your true self

  • Have you tried everything, but you still feel this sense of dissatisfaction with your life?
  • Are you feeling unbalance, tired and annoyed all the time?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your creativity, sense of pleasure or passion for life?
  • Do you have difficult relationships or there is a pattern from your family that is still repeating in your life?
  • Do you want to connect with a best version of yourself and find answers, but you don’t know how to start?

Click in read more to find out how you can help yourself.

This support plan is based on the personal needs of each one and can also be done online.

Become a Reiki Practitioner

Classes in English or Spanish

Duration: 6 hours class 

Barbara offers reiki curses and iniciation for those who wants to learn the healing technique and expand their self- knoledge.

This class includes: 

  • What is energy? – The 7 bodies – The 7 chakras – what is reiki – How to use reiki in your life – The 5 principles – Hands positions 
  • Reiki iniciation and Reiki practitioner Diploma
  • All the material for the class
  • Acces to a reiki circle practice together with more reiki students
  • Support during your hole reiki journey


Price: 222 Euros

About Bárbara Palacios

I am a life coach & spiritual mentor based in Copenhagen.
I am Reiki master teacher and master in akashic records.  I have worked for more than 6 years in alternative therapies and have taken training in the work of the unconscious, family constellations and the 5 biological laws. I have participated in countless spiritual development workshops as leader and conferensist.
And my most profund self-work is being wife and mother of a 3-year-old beautiful girl named Stella and my little angel in heaven Cataleya.


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  • positive review  Primero de todo siempre está disponible y suele contestar a los mensajes bastante rápido.Sus mensajes son muy personales y siempre usa un tono muy cercano.Responde a todas tus preguntas de manera concreta y te da siempre la respuesta que necesitas.Es una gran coach con gran experiencia y enorme sabiduría además de una gran comunicadora.Es muy dulce en su forma de hablar y transmite mucho amor en cada palabra.La recomiendo muchísimo.

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    2. December 2022

barbara palacios

Reiki brings back the light that was always inside you. 

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