What is a session with me like?

  • In our session, we will start by addressing your physical and emotional state. We will begin with a guided relaxation through breathing, while I connect with your energy.
  • This exercise will help you generate a more open frequency, allowing your heart to open up to subtle connections. As a therapist, I will start scanning your body to determine what is happening, making you pay attention to the areas that require attention, which are usually the ones causing pain or discomfort.
  • Each area of the body harbors an emotion, and I will guide you to connect with the experiences that first generated that emotion, releasing it and thus elevating your vibration into the 4D frecuency
  • In the 4D stage, I will guide you through a special meditation so you can release all the burdens accumulated in your unconscious mind and in the cells of your body, including things you were never able to say. Sometimes, a family constellation is experienced during this stage. Please note that what is experienced in this stage is very personal.

  • Finally, on the 5D, “THE SOUL STAGE” (which you only access when you’re ready) is a sacred space you will enter through the Akashic Records. I will guide you to find the answers you need at this moment and where you can meet your master in this incarnation. This is a plane that reveals very deep things that live within you, and it will bring you clarity and inner peace.


    • Are you ready to delve deep within yourself and rise to a new and higher frequency? let’s schedule a soul encounter.

    If you want to change something in the material plane, you must begin by working on the subtle plane. The thoughts, emotions, and beliefs we harbor within ourselves have a powerful influence on our material reality. Every time we emit a vibration, we attract circumstances into our lives that vibrate at the same frequency.

    The therapy I provide is a powerful tool for working on the subtle plane and achieving lasting changes in the material plane. By connecting with your deepest essence and with the divine source from which we all come, you can heal emotional wounds, release limiting beliefs, and open yourself to new possibilities.


    In spiritual therapy, techniques such as meditation, visualization, and energy healing are used to create a safe and sacred space where you can explore your inner self and connect with your deepest wisdom.

    I invite you to explore this path of healing and transformation. No matter what your current situation may be, there is always room for change and evolution.


    €98 /800 dkk 

    I invite you to discover my 4-session program

     I highly recommend working in this format of 4 sessions to manifest what you desire.

    Abundance, connecting with your soul’s purpose, or improving your current situation in any area of ​​your life.