Bárbara Palacios

My Journey

Finding My Story

My spiritual journey started in my childhood, but strongly 7 years ago. I had the opportunity to take a break after a very demanding and stressful period to understand certain patterns that were constantly repeating in my life.

I have suffered from anxiety since I can remember, linked to addiction to food – mainly sugar. I was unable to view food for nutritional purposes, rather as pleasure or punishment. I think most people are addicted to sugar without even knowing it.

In this break, and during a long trip through Asia with my partner, I discovered the real meaning of detoxification of processed foods. I had been a vegan for two years since I started this journey. My addiction to sugar was bigger under stress periods and I needed to understand why and to heal, so I decided to go deeper within myself, face my fears and seek answers through spirituality and self-knowledge.

7 things about me

➜ I was born and raised in Chile but I moved to Denmark in 2015.

I’m fascinated with the teachings of Bert Hellinger and Dr. Hammer.

➜ I read my akashic records and connect with my guides every day

➜ I am married to “my Dane” named Christopher and we have a little girl named Stella.

I have experienced 3 gestational miscarriages

➜ I speak spanish, english and danish.

➜ I do reiki on myself and my daughter every day before sleep.

When Reiki Found Me

Since I was a child I always looked for spirituality voluntarily, I was curious to find other people who, like me, were sensitive to the energies and emotions of other people. I questioned this gift a lot as well as the use of tarot as a tool to help others. I read tarot several times during my adolescence without being aware that the answers would come to me naturally.

Finally in the least thought place in the Philippines, I met a Reiki and Tarot teacher who helped me to better understand and channel this gift. At that moment I became a Reiki practitioner. Immediately everything made sense in my life. Reiki was not just a healing tool, it was also a new life style with discipline and self-love.

Since then, I discovered that my role is to deliver healing through self-knowledge and empower other people to discover themselves and regain control of their lives.

I studied Chinese medicine a lot, energetic nutrition and how to understand food from another level. I let food be my medicine along with self-care, meditation, and I practiced reiki on myself and my closest for a while. I regained my personal power, love and gratitude for my body and my soul, and since then I decided to do what I love – to help others find their own balance.

I returned to my routine with more knowledge of the world, with a spiritual awakening and a better vision of the environment. I call this “maintaining mental clarity” and it goes hand by hand with our thoughts and what we feed of. When I speak of “feeding”, I do not simply mean food, but everything that we let in from our energy field such as music, people, situations, emotions, etc.

Once I was back in Denmark, i started to practice reiki in reiki circles, where I got to know my recent Reiki Teacher Natalia. She introduced me to her Teacher who is a very respected family Constellator. I discovered family constellations as a very important tool that helped me to recover the bond with my parents and grow the empathy within me and others.

4 years ago I became a mother. This was the biggest but most beautiful challenge in my life. My motivation to keep this focus in my life is my family. As parents we often forget that our children are nothing more than a mirror of our own life. What patterns will we be repeating in them? By healing ourselves, we are healing all the new generations that come from us. It is a great responsibility but also a beautiful mission.

I invite you to seek more information about the therapies offered, I will be happy to share my experiences and to help you to feel that balance that we all seek constantly, but this time this balance should remain forever.

Thank you for reading my story.


Bert hellinger

(systemic constellations creator)

The Greater Soul moves in only one direction, and that is to bring into union that which has been made separate.

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